Seven Good Reasons why we should make your next pair of glasses

1. Quality Unlike items that people purchase often during the year, it can be very difficult to judge quality of a pair of glasses. We use the finest frames and lenses available so that your glasses will be dependable and attractive long after they've been purchased.   2. Value Good value in eyewear is receiving quality glasses at a fair price. Our fees reflect the quality of our workmanship, yet they are generally lower than "discount" or "one-hour" stores.   3. Expert Staff Our competent and caring staff of trained professionals give you personalized care to suit your needs from frame selection to explanations of lens options. Your comfort and satisfaction are important to us. We will do all we can to make sure you're happy with your glasses   4. Selection We offer a...

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I’m 30 years old, never worn glasses, why should I have my eyes examined?

Here's one reason that will make you think twice about skipping your yearly checkup. I remember my Optometry school profs telling me that the worst of cases always seem to walk in late Friday afternoon, when typically, you are in no mood for anything complicated. That scenario played out at my Sioux Lookout location this past June when Dave walked into my Sioux Lookout office for a routine exam. Dave, 30 years of age, came in with no complaints. He was moderately near sighted, but had never worn glasses and was literally dragged into my office by his wife. I remember this day since typically in summer at my Sioux Lookout office, I schedule my Fridays to end early. I Musky fish. Sadly, as any true Musky fisherman will tell you, during Musky season, we have a disease. I remember Dave well;...

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