OHIP covered exams CAN NOT book appointments online.

To request an OHIP covered appointment please call 807-285-4790 or email you request to drmckiel@shaw.ca

Optometrist in Thunder Bay in a Boutique setting


As an Optometrist in Thunder Bay, I understand that the health of your eyes is your primary concern when selecting an eye doctor. I am also keenly aware of how busy your life has likely become and you require a very high level of customer service. At Superior Vision Centre you will find the latest in diagnostic instumentation that allows our team to diagnose and treat any condition that could threaten your sight and your lifestyle. However, just as important, you will move through the various stages of your examination efficiently yet in a relaxed and friendly setting. We pledge to take excellent care of you as a patient foremost, but also as a friend. Our promise is to provide you with the eye care you require and the service you deserve and expect. This is extremely rare in healthcare today. We think you will find a refreshing change at Superior Vision Centre. You will find people who care.


  • We strive to be on time for appointments; we do not overbook
  • Our staff is caring and friendly; we put you first
  • We have patient-friendly policies
  • We are easy to get to, centrally located and have plenty of parking
  • We provide extremely high quality eye care services and products